Poetry Recordings


“Retrospect/ed” is a multimedia collaboration of storytelling, block printing and film between poet and artist Charly Fasano and Memphis, Tennessee’s Lucero. It is a It is available as a 7 inch vinyl record that includes an illustrated book, mp3 download code as well as bonus tracks of the first 7 inch Charly Fasano and Lucero released in 2006 and a hand pulled linocut block print that appears in the book. It is also available as a pocket book that will include a mp3 download code.

Along with poems and block printed illustrations, there are QR Codes placed throughout the books that, when scanned with a cellphone or tablet, will link you to three films and audio tracks of Fasano reading the poems accompanied by Lucero. QR Code scanners are readily available applications that you can get for free.

Not Good With Names

NOT GOOD WITH NAMES is a collection of 30 poems based on 30 block print portraits by artist Charly Fasano published as a paper back book on Fast Geek Press. It is complimented by an audio portion in which Fasano reads the book in its entirety back by the music of Malamadre.

Whiskey Won’t Cure Clap

“Whiskey Won’t Cure Clap” was released on cassette tape on Fast Geek Press.  It showcases the poems of C. Mouse Fasano backed up by the music of woMANgione and Magic Cyclops.

10 Times

“10 Times” is a collaboration of Charly “the city mouse” Fasano reading his stories/poetry accompanied by Fight Spider With Spider, OVERJOID (Roy Berry of Lucero), Anna Mascorella (Matson Jones and Crystal Mouse Collection), Vincent Fasano and Ryan Honaker.

Rocket Ship To Obscurity

“Rocket Ship To Obscurity” was recorded with Lucero, Drag the River, Red Cloud West, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Ryan Honaker, Vincent Fasano and Jon Evans (Snake Rattle Rattle Snake).